viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party

Bead Soup Blog Party is here!!!!

The stash
My partner Tejae sent me this beautifull stash. The focal point its the stunning handmade polymer clay heart pendant, it is absolutly beautiull i specially loved the golden curvy pattern. The round  beads are also polymer clay and handmade, i liked them so much because they remind me of the first beads i ever worked with, they have the same shape and colors, and a really cool tribal vibe. I also received crystal beads in different colors and shapes,and  copper conectors in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of them beautifully wrapped up in one of Tejae's custom box and a precious handamde bandana.

The projects

Using the focal bead was a real challenge. The handmade heart pendant its so beautifull by itself  that it  would look just great with a simple golden chain. So i added some other components, and i kept  them smaller and with the same color pallette of the focal, so they would not overpower the heart. I add a little hint  of color with the turquoise shade, i love the way this color make the red pop out. In this necklace i am also using some of the cristal beads that Tejae sent me (they are on the fringe's end), and the copper connectors. I bead embrodier the other components, i also try to recreate de golden  pattern of the pendant . I used a suede navy cord, so you can adjust the length of the necklace.

This handmade beads Tejae made are so amazing!! As i told you above, they remind me of the first beads i ever worked with,. I created this simple, yet beautifull pendant using three different ones, and as a final touch a faceted drop shapped stone. I made the attachement using a bead weaving technique

This Green earrings are incredibly special. Not just because they are a beautifull elegant piece, but because i wore them in a very special ocasion.. my engagement. I like the way the green handmade beads stand out.

What i sent
A little story about what i sent to my partner Tejae

It's a little bit hard to find craft supplies in Mexico, i was a little concerned about this, specially when i saw that the other participants worked withbeautifull  handmade beads. But when i tell this to Tejae she told me to relax, and sent her any speciall found item. And that was exactly what i sent. I choose some pieces that where representative of  my country, and also had a strong meaning for me. I chosed an antique key i found in a really old house property of my mom,s family (built circa 1890), A pair of earrings made by the Huichol indians (A ethnic mexican group famous for there seedbeads crafts), and the best of all, a silver handmade turtle pendant i bougth in Zacatecas, a beautifull north mexican city, when i was taking a silver workshop a few years ago. It turned out that Tejae has just been in a Mexican beach in a turtle release camp, and she just adore the charm. I just loved the coincidence. Having a partner who loved  my country so much, was and incredible experience, thank you Tejae :)

Just twelve hours left!!!

Clock is tickling and i cant wait!!!!!!!! i am so excited , i just cant wait to see what the other participants made. Specially my partner Tejae.
 I would also like to thank Lori Anderson for hosting this amazing experience, and of course all of the other participants and members of the bead soup group, for all the support, and advice.
Im having a little trouble posting the participants links, because im not exactly a pro with internet tools but everyone can check out the participants list at Lori´s blog, starting at 12 AM.
Don´t forget to check out all the projects!!!