sábado, 7 de enero de 2012


Hace exactamente cuatro meses que comencé con esto del beading y lo único que puedo decir es que me hace inmensamente feliz. Justo cuando había descartado dedicarme a la joyeria,encuento algo que me inspira y alienta, que me hace sentir poderosa y creativa y que me recuerda toda la belleza que mis manos pueden crear. La finalidad de este blog es poder hablar sobre toda esa magia que corre por mis venas mientras coso, olvido el hambre, el sueño y el cansancio, y mientras estoy en otro lugar solo pienso en las miles de cosas que puedo hacer con hilo, aguja y cien gramos de cuentas. También pretendo estar cerca de todas esas personas que me inspiran, y que comparten conmigo ese amor por las piedras.

Its been exactly four months  since i started beading, by a hit of chance i picked up kummli and Seraphini's book, the art of bead embroidery from my Amazon suggestions  list, i was actually looking for a sewing book and this one simply poped out, so i add IT to my shopping cart, when it arrived home and i start reading it, my first tougth was.... I can do this!!!!! I have been embroidering since i was like 5 ( i have pictures proving it!) and doing all kind of jewelery since i was 13. I decided to start with what the book said it  was the easiest project ( a pair of earrings) and i found IT imposible to make them, so i skipped everything and jump straigth to the final project a huge necklace, i did it and the result was really good!!! And that was the way i got caugth in this beading thing, and i have to say... Im in love!!! I feel like magic running trough my veins when im working on it, i dont feel tired nor hungry, i can be beading six hours straigth and still feeling i need more time, days actually feels short, i actually skipped clases at college so i could go home and bead. I started this blog so i could share all the love i feel with beads, and also t o be in touch with all those people who shared my love, and whom also inspire me in getting better......thank you all!

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