martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Its sewing time!!!!

I bougth Tina Sparkles book The little green dress full of wonderfull and super easy clothing projects for make at home, i have this book for a few months, but now that im in sewing classes and have some skills using my sewing machine, i decided to start with the easiest project the ultraminiskirt!!!! i found this colorfull fabric, i know animal print its not on the spotligth anymore, but i liked the rich shade of pink,

The final result wasnt that bad (i mean it was the first garment id ever made myself) and i found out that if you pair it with the rigth stuff the result is amazing

Im wearing a Mango ruffelled shirt, and my brown longchamp bag

Nude Zara Heels

And this cute and colorfull Abril Gottwald statement ring, im so lucky to have this amazing designer in town

Are you familiar with clothes making? if not, try Tina´s book, plus you´ll have a lot of fun!

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