domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

She is back!!

Who???? dear old granny, she just came back from her annual trip to the states. she allways brougth gifts for me and my sisters, but, being honest, she is an expert finding the most hideous stuff ever, i had received all kind of not-really-my-style stuff, from a pastel pink vest to an acid washed pair of jeans with a rose made of rhinestones (really?) but the worst present ever was a brown lace  corset blouse with blue fabric underneath. So, i asked her (ver politely) to gave us makeup instead, this way she wont be having trouble with the sizes (what else could i say???) well, it seemed to work quite well, this time i received a package of wet n' wild nail polish of all kind of shades, metallic purple and blue, magenta, bubblegum pink, sheer glittery blue, and my very own favorite a muddy and warm shade of brown, i paired it up with the glittery blue and i got and awesome shade.
Not posted on the picture is a wonderfull set of Physicians formula bronzer mineral powder, and a weird powder turns liquid eye shadow that works just great with my eyes (why didnt i told her before?????) But the  best of gift ever  had been waiting for me even before i was born rigth in a cupboard in her house...
This beautifull antique lace veil with matching comb, she bougth it in spain, circa 1970, she gave it to me for my wedding, it would match just perfectly with my vintage looking Sue Wong gown, didn´t i told you??? i have a bridal gown!!!! i found out that a local store was selling Sue Wong dresses at crazly cheap prices. Im sorry to say i  wont be posting pictures of the gown (well, not before the wedding) 

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